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Basketball Up

Next Team Sports, Basketball in Homai. Training has been very intense during lunch, Coach Eniata is training the girls team, Coach Tofilau training the boys team. Tournament will be on the 19th September.Venue will be posted asap, photos / write up will be posted.. to be continue  Bounce on Homai, Bounce on.
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Cross Country?

Not again. You guested it, Cross Country was rained out again. Come on rain, all we are saying is give us a chance. Our runners have been training very hard in the morning and lunch time. All the hard work.

Manurewa High Sports Leadership Activities

Thursday  31.08.2017, Homai seniors students had a P.E experience with our neighbors Manurewa High students, the fields were wet and slippery. Manurewa High / Homai students were buzzing with excitement,  There were hybrid sport game's and your tug of war. Was great to see our future leaders show their future leaders how to have fun. Well I did. Thank you Manurewa High.

Gym Time in Homai

Mats, Balance Beam, Vault Horse someone is rolling, bouncing around in the hall ?.. It's room 9 and 11. Great to see our gym equipment used. The students really enjoyed themselves balancing, rolling, jumping, hoping. That's how we roll.     

Rapids of fun

Thursday 24.08.2017, our year 6 students had the opportunity to go tame the rapids at, Vector Wero Whitewater Park in Manukau. The students had to put on their wet suite and helmets first, this was a long process . Next they were shown how to use a oar properly, and how to pull someone back into the boat. Once the safety procedure were done, the students/ teachers were split into 4 groups. Students were quite nervous at first. By the end of the afternoon, their confident was so high.  Are BIG thank you to Vector Wero Whitewater Park staff/instructors, Miss Adams, Miss Eniata, Mrs Tofilau, Ashton, Matua John. WHAT A RUSH


"WORLD CHAMPIONS" Yet again. The Black Ferns  ( NZ Women Rugby Team ) had to play against 4 teams to get into the finals. Wales ( win 44 -12 ), Hong Kong ( win 121 - 0 ), Canada ( win 48 - 5 ), USA ( win 45 - 12 ), England ( win 41 - 32 ) Finals. " WORLD CHAMPIONS"

The Black Ferns ( NZ Women Rugby Team ) have won 4 titles previous. This will be number 5.
More than the ALL BLACKS. Nice work girls, great role models.

Cross Country back on Track

Great News!!!

Cross Country is back on!. Event to be held at Reremoana School 6th September Wednesday. This is good news for our runners and Mr Kake. We are back on track.